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My name is Nicole and I am the creator of the Original Rainbow Crayons®.

I was the first person on Etsy ever to sell a handmade crayon and have been handcrafting whimsical creatures and unique shapes out of recycled crayons for over 10 years.

I create colorful Original Rainbow Crayons® in 500+ shapes and sizes. I absolutely love working with crayons for my creations. Many people do not realize how labor intensive collecting, peeling, and melting thousands of crayons can be! As a mom of two boys, I am always on the look out for new and exciting shapes to add to our collection.

My inspiration to begin creating Original Rainbow Crayons® came from my experiences as an Elementary Art teacher. During my first year teaching, I was planning a texture unit with kindergarten around the time of Earth Day. I wanted to find a way to teach my enthusiastic, young artists about being eco-friendly.

The first Original Rainbow Crayon® I created was born in a small, wax cup. Despite the horrible smell as the colorful creations baked and the never-ending work of peeling off wrappers and wax paper, It was round and perfect in so many ways. As 28 students gazed up at me with excitement, I knew this idea was going to take off!

500+ Shapes later, I continue to have the opportunity to share these fun and exciting Original Rainbow Crayons® with you.

Thank you for your support and for being a part of my journey.

This is my family! I am a proud, art-and-craft at home, working mother of two boys and and wife to my amazing husband who works in the studio with me.

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