Where is Art 2 the Extreme® and The Original Rainbow Crayon® Studios located?

Our studio is located in Noblesville, Indiana (just outside of Indianapolis)

Who is the Crayon Artisan behind Art 2 the Extreme®?

Nicole Lewis is the founder of Art 2 the Extreme® and creative behind The Original Rainbow Crayon®. The Crayon Crew is made up of Nicole, her husband, Eric, and a small team that create hundreds of crayons by hand each day. You can learn more about Nicole and her story HERE.

How did you start creating your recycled crayon creations?

I was an elementary Art teacher for 10 years. During my first year of teaching, I planned a lesson with my Kindergarten artists around texture rubbings and Earth Day. The first Rainbow Crayon was created in wax cups and horrible as they were, they worked well and the kids LOVED them! From there, I began creating basic shapes like hearts and stars, opening an Etsy shop in November of 2007. Art 2 the Extreme® is best known for our personalized and customized crayon designs, but offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and themes for your gifting needs.

Where on Earth do all of your crayons come from?

We only use the “name brand” crayons in our creations for the most vivid, colorful creations. At the same time, we also collect old nubs and stubs from local churches, daycares, and schools as part of a recycling program. In exchange for old crayons, Art 2 the Extreme® offers an exchange for newly recycled Original Rainbow Crayon® goodies to use for school projects such as Santa Shops, school bookstores, or carnival prizes. 

Art 2 the Extreme® works closely with the Crayon Collection, donating unused crayons to their Color Kindness program. This program pairs community partners with underserved schools and children’s programs in need of gently-used crayons that would otherwise make their way to landfills or go unused. If you are interested in sponsoring a shipment of crayons for this program, please contact info@crayoncollection.org and mention Art 2 the Extreme®.

I tried to make these once. Do you really peel all of the wrappers off yourself?

YES! Each and every crayon is peeled by hand.  Our team cuts over 5,000 crayons a week. We put the HAND in handmade!

What age do you recommend Original Rainbow Crayons® for?

While we offer plenty of chunky Original Rainbow Crayons® perfect for young kiddos, we recommend that Original Rainbow Crayons® be used for children ages 3+ (due to some styles with small parts). All Original Rainbow Crayons® are made from recycled, “name brand”, non-toxic crayons.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. Please contact us by email (art2theextreme@yahoo.com) or through Etsy to set up a special listing for the correct postage to your destination.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! If you have a physical storefront and would like to carry our line of Original Rainbow Crayons®, please visit our “WHOLESALE” tab HERE for information, of visit us on Faire. Due to demand, we are not currently consigning at this time.

Do you make customized crayons for events, businesses, and exclusive styles from ideas suggested?

Yes! We can create a 100%, fully customized or personalized crayon design for your next event, wedding, party, or special occasion. Visit HERE to see past work and contact us about your next idea!

Do you have kids, a family, a life other than your Original Rainbow Crayons®?

I am a mom to two amazing boys (4 and 6) who bring so much joy into my life. I started this handmade business out of my love for art and teaching. It has been amazing to see how everything has evolved to center around my boys and their interests. My husband, Eric, worked in education and currently law.. He works side-by-side with me in the studio on crayon production.

I have a cat named Webber as well. He is a rescue cat and is one cool dude.

Outside of being a mom and crayon artisan, I LOVE to travel and sew for fun.

I love meeting new people and especially those who are crafty like I am and own their own handmade businesses. I want nothing more in life than to see small shop and business owners become successful and happy in what they do and the goals they set! It takes a village of support to make that happen.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to learn more about us and for visiting Art 2 the Extreme®. If you need any further information, feel free to send us an e-mail or fill out our contact form found HERE.